How to use ajax_cascading dropdownlist?

I want use ajax cascading dropdownlist in RX.
I need four dropdownlist. Three dropdownlists are conditional, and the last dropdownlist I want got the selected values. three dropdownlist filter one dropdownlist. dropdownlist value is come from database. How I can use lookup application to provide json data?
I searched percussion forum. I know how to install ajax cascading dropdownlist on RX. but I don’t know how to use it .



You are using the ajax_cascading control type published by Rushing? I am trying to understand what you’re trying to accomplish; therefore, will you provide more definition on your business requirement?

The requirement is
I need create four drop down list , A,B,C and D, A B C dropdownlist are condition.
If I select A, D dropdownlist will filter by A.
If I select A and B ,D dropdownlist will filter by A and B.
If I select A , B and C , D dropdownlist will filter by A,B and C
I need the options of dropdownlist D filter by the condition join by A&B&C

Hi Rileyw,
I read the pulished by Rushing. Still don’t how to use ajax_cascading dropdown, and I don’t have privilege to download the attachment. could you help me ?



Let me take a closer look at Rushing’s control type to let you know if this control will work for you. How will the choices for all these drop down lists be provided? Keywords, Table, XML Application?

I need the choice come from database. may be i need create a application for this. could you email the published attachment to me ? because of I don’t have privilege to download the attachment.
Thank you.

You can download the files @

Let me know if you cannot access this URL.