I am receiving an odd error...

When I try to schedule a publish I receive the following error.  I have tried closing the page, approving the page, resubmitting the page, and nothing seems to help.  When I try to open the page to edit, I get the alert : The page ‘index’ is currently being edited by ‘’.
Select ‘Override’ to edit this page anyway.
Unsaved changes to ‘index’ may be lost.

When I override,   need to override two times, then go to Resubmit or
the Approve, I receive the following: “This action cannot be performed on the page because it has been opened in another session by an Admin user. The page will be closed.”

I am also receiving alerts when I try to edit widgets on other pages that say “The page you opened has been modified in a different session. Do you want to reload the page?” and when I say OK, I get “The page ‘index’ is already open.”

Is your page sectioned out into different parts - and maybe one of those parts need to be clicked and also saved?  We have a department site here where they have several HTML widgets all stacked up - and often they will edit one and close the page. Then go back to edit one under - and get the “This action cannot be performed on the page because it has been opened in another session by an Admin user. The page will be closed”.

Hello Jerome,

The first thing you can try is to is edit this page, click all of the ‘local content’ pencil icons on the page you are trying to approve. This means anything on the page that is not at the template level. If it prompts you to override any content, go ahead and do so.

Please let us know if this helps!

Thanks everyone.  Now when I open the pages, all of the content except for the page header has disappeared! I can see previous versions in preview mode but when I try to reinstate one, I get the following error…“An unexpected error occurred while restoring the prior revision, see log for details.”

Hi Jerome,

I will create a support ticket to track this.


Hello All,

This issue was resolved through a support ticket.  If anyone experiences this issue please create a support ticket by contacting support@percussion.com.



Did we also log a bug on this error message?  We want any UI errors to be human readable, and this error definitely is not.  It would be good to post that Jira number here so that it can be tracked.


Hi Jerome,

This has been filed as bug # CMS-2092.  Please keep it for reference if you have any further questions or would like to check on this issue.