I lost my split screen and don't know where to find it

I probably hit something, but my edit screen no longer is split. On every action, I now have to keep dragging the site/asset section up to be able to view the edit section. I am sure it is a very simple solution. Please share.


To expand or collapse the Finder, you simply need to click the +/- icon below the Percussion logo.  I have attached a screenshot with the icon highlighted. 

I tried that already and it just switches from full screen site/assets to full screen edit, with no split. When it is on the - icon, the site/assets are totally not viewable, so I cannot even grab a line to move.

When the Finder is fully expanded, you can click and drag the bottom border to resize.  If for some reason, you can’t grab it, you will probably need to log out of Percussion and then clear your browser cache and cookies in order to reset the value back to the default.  

I had tried click and drag to resize, but the split would not stay and I was having to move the border each action. I also had logged out and in, but nothing changed. However, I did not clear the cache and that did the trick. I am now back to split screen. Thanks!

Just a note… when I maximize my browsers zoom in (about 200% or more) > it does this to me also…

Often when I have an Editor or Contributors in my office for training and I zoom in the page as much as possible and then notice my mid-bar won’t stay put and will continually drop on me.

Once I go back to 100%, it works perfect.