IE/html doctype issue

I’m having a problem with forcing IE to use standards mode. There are unexplained leading spaces prior to my doctype declaration which is causing IE to completely ignore it. This occurs whether I use the percussion default or the custom doctype setting. I’ve also tried the meta tag method, but since I cant place it at the top of the head section, it is also ignored. Is there a way to remove the leading spaces from the doctype declaration so IE behaves correctly?


Good morning, and thank you for reaching out to the community. That’s an interesting issue? I tried it on a sample page here internally using IE, and was able to change the structure of it.

It sounds to me that you may be trying to change the doctype on the “page” and not the “template”. Since you mentioned you “can’t place it at the top of the head section”. To change the structure of the head of the page, you would need to be working within the template, and not the page. To get to the template of the page, while in the “editor” of Percussion looking at the page you want to make changes to. Go to the “actions” section, and click “edit Template”. From there you should have access to change the head of the page.

If that didn’t solve the problem, if you could answer a few more questions for me that would help me narrow down the issue:

  • What version of IE and Percussion were you using?

  • Have you tried clearing your history, and/or running in incognito mode? That way you can see your changes in real time.

If none of these help, if you could send over the URL of the page in question, I will take a look at it internally and see if anything jumps out to me on my end.

Thank you again for being a customer of Percussion, and have a great day :slight_smile:



All changes are being made at the template level. When I mentioned the inability to place something at the top of the head section, I was talking about the following meta tag “”. From our experience, the meta tag only works if it is the first comment in the section.

We are currently using IE 10 with CM1 version 3.4.4 and unfortunately our site is still only accessible internally.

oops, looks like the tag was excluded. http-equiv=“X-UA-COMPATIBLE” content=“IE=edge”

Tola, did this resolve your issue? If not I can reach out offline and file a support ticket with you.

Chris, we are still seeing the same issue. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


A clean way to work around this for now could be to configure this on the web server side as a Request header.

If your web server is IIS:

 <system.webserver> <br> <httpprotocol> <br>
 <customheaders> <br>
   <clear></clear> <br>
   <add name="X-UA-COMPATIBLE" value="IE=edge"></add> <br>
 </customheaders> <br> </httpprotocol> <br>
 <br> </system.webserver>

This link talks to configuring system.web in IIS.…

Here are a couple of links related to this

Stack Overflow: X-UA-COMPATIBLE is set to IE=edge, but it still doesn’t stop Compatibility Mode
HTML5 Boiler Plate Discussion

It does look like the spacing and order is very specific when using the meta tag.


Hi guys,

I’m a little less techy then you so I don’t understand all of this. My problem was that people using IE 10 or IE 11 but had it in compatibility mode was messing up the display of my website. My site is responsive and so it only supports IE 8 and up. It looks like compatibility mode runs like IE 7.

I was hoping to just through a js alter that detected if they were in compatibility mode and asked them to turn it off.

Does this code you are talking about, auto switch off compatibility mode for them? Does this code effect the way any of your other browsers work? Or this this a totally different problem that I’m having?

Hi Sandy,

The meta edge tag tells Internet Explorer to use the highest mode available to that version of IE, so that if a user is running compatibility mode it should force it to use the latest version of IE.


Hi folks,

We just launched a responsive upgrade for our homepage ( and we’re running into the this same problem for IE 9 with compatibility mode being on.

Our main server support is unavailable today - I’ll ask him to look into a “Request Header” on the Apache side.

In the meantime, is there any way to move that meta-tag any higher? (It’s in the template - and we’re already set for HTML5.)

Thanks so much,

Mark Lawrence