iFrame Long Description URL

We are working on our ADA compliancy. I went through our Accessibility Report through Site Improve and we are getting dinged on something called Long Description URL in the iframe widget. I searched percussion for this but it does not have any info. I read up online a little, but still confused. Can someone please elaborate what should be in this field?


Hello Margaret,

This is used to set the HTML

This is what I am getting in my report. It is reporting as a Level A accessibility issue.

In the Layout properties for the iframe widget you can specify the long description url. 

Circling back on this after realizing that I didn’t answer your question.  The long description on the IFRAME widget has been deprecated in HTML5 and will be removed in a future release.   

The title attribute is covered here:


The issue that is being reported is that the iframe is empty .  This appears to be a limitation of the current iframe widget.  The WCAG recommendation is currently to put a description of the iframe inside of the iframe tag (which will only be rendered if a browser does not support iframes or by a screen reader). 

Something like:

You can work around this by using the HTML widget instead of the iframe widget.  We will prioritize adding support for the text content to the IFRAME widget for one of the upcoming updates.