Image asset with Chrome update > 80 problem

The latest Chrome update has unfortunately introduced a problem that affects the uploading of Image Assets from the Home screen or Finder. This issue affects CM1 5.4 and lower versions. When you try to upload an image, the system returns an error that the image file format is invalid and doesn’t create the image in the system.

Percussion Engineering is actively working on a hotfix update for this.

As a temporary work around we recommend using the Bulk Upload gadget on the Dashboard to upload images.

To work around this issue with the Chrome update, download the attached zip file to your CM1 server, unzip the file, and replace:


After replacing the file you will need to clear your browser cache and log in and out of the product. After that Image Assets should upload correctly. (8.1 KB)


I noticed the same thing on Microsoft Edge on Mac, too. It’s also affecting not only Images Assets (like in /Assets/ where I am unable to upload and replace the image) but it’s also affecting css file, too under “web_resource” folder.

Right now, I’m on Chrome Version 83.0.4103.97 and I tried replacing the image and css file, it’s working as expected. We haven’t applied the ‘hotfix’ update yet.

Edge is based on Chrome now so that make sense. Simply updating the attached files on your instance and clearing your browser cache will resolve the problem.

The update is also included in a patch that will be posting today.