Image AutoList Widget pulls info from similarly named Asset Folders

I found a scenario where the Image Autolist pulled images from two Asset Folders. (could possibly pull from more than two)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an asset folder named “logos”
  2. Place image1 and image2 into the “logos” folder
  3. Create an asset folder named “logos2”
  4. Place image3 and image4 into the “logos2” folder
  5. Within your site, add an image autolist to a page
  6. Point that autolist to use the “logos” folder
  7. Notice that image3 and image4 are included in the output which are not in the “logos” folder

Workaround: change “logos2” to “logosNOTUSED” and the Autolist gives me the expected output.

Engineering has acknowledged this issue and they will be reviewing this to determine the correct action to address it.

To confirm, this issue was resolved in CM1 2.7.