Image displaying intermittenly

When working - source code is pointing to image on server.

When not working - source code pointing to…?..

Does not appear to be a cache issue.

Replication is in sync.

Any ideas?

Hi David,

It sounds like, at some point, the CM1 assembler URL (which calls out CM1’s port and host name, along with a long string of variables) pointing to this image was copied out and pasted back in to CM1. This has the effect of changing the URL from a managed system link to an absolute link pointing to an item on the CM1 server, and so instead of being assembled into the proper relative URL during publishing, the URL is stuck pointing back to CM1.

Essentially this means that the image will display fine from a computer with access to the CM1 server, but it will appear as a broken image link from any other machine – which would explain the intermittent behavior.

If this is the case, the best way to resolve this would be to select the image, hit the Insert / Edit Image button in the RTE toolbar (tree icon), and then navigate to the image in your assets library and select Insert. This should generate a managed link to the image, which will be assembled into a proper relative link to the image file when the containing page is published. Let me know if this helps.

After further research it was a rotating banner that used the same banner twice but one of them was wrong.

That, of course, would also explain the inconsistent behavior. To confirm, is everything now appearing as expected?