Image gallery Content Type(s)


We are looking at implementing an Image Gallery within Rhythmyx 6.5.2 and I am wondering if anyone out there has already created something similar? It is likely we will import the main images via WebDAV with Rx-generated thumbnails being displayed in the actual Image gallery itself.

If anyone has some examples or advice, please feel free to let me know. At this point we are still throwing out ideas but examples of what Rx can do would be a great help.


Hi Cara,

The Rhythmyx generated thumbnails using PSOGenerateThumbnail are not great quality. They use Java Advanced Imaging. A couple of our clients use custom exits based on ImageMagick instead: -

As for the photo gallery, I’ve used thickbox which is relatively easy to set up and looks good IMO: -

The ImageMagick exit should work with WebDAV because it doesn’t require any user input, but I’ve not tested it.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Tim

Very helpful links too!