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We are in the process of trying to show visitors a few different images that would allow them to view and navigate to the next image, almost like a gallery. Within percussion, there is a list image widget that doesn’t really help us get what we want. Is there an additional widget or image gallery piece we could leverage without having to require any development?

Something similar to what is found on this page.…

Hi Scott,

We have a help document that explains how to use the image list to create a slide show.
Creating a Photo Gallery with the Image Auto-List Widget

Give that a try,


This is a great question. Without having “any additional development” is somewhat of the sticking point here. Armani’s suggestion is perfect, if you feel like exploring the possibilities of Jquery/Javascript. The document he provided is fairly detailed, with a good amount of photos to keep you on the right track. We also have an older article from a little while back with the same functionality:…

The suggestion you made from Bank of America is called an “image carousel”. Implementing something like this in Percussion has been discussed back and forth for awhile now. The reason why they haven’t done that at the moment, is that there are literally 100’s of them out there, and typically once you pick one, the next question is “how do I customize it”. So it puts our VP of products in a tough spot. Since most of our customers have their own idea of which one is the best one. So from that standpoint, we stepped back and took the “best of breed” approach and implemented “widget builder”. Basically to allow companies to build/package their own widgets, and allow end-users to not have to deal with code.

Out of the box we do have:…. This will get your images on the page. If you would like them to “slide, pan, etc” you would need to either write a bit of javascript, or follow the documentation my colleague provided.

Lastly, if you would like to discuss something different, or don’t want to embark on coding anything. We do have a professional services team that I could put you in contact with about building functionality that meets all of your business needs.

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I’m in the process of doing this now. Only a year later :). Thanks!