Image site impact for html widget

It would be very useful to see which pages/templates that uses this image via “site impact” (under Asserts/folder-name/image-name.jpg) and double click that file name, then click Edit > scroll down, you’ll see Site Impact.

Currently, it is reserved for RTE (Rich Text Editor) and Image Asset. How about HTML widget, too? That way we will know which images are being used and what not.


This would be very helpful!

We have 22 websites in CM1. As you can imagine the number of image assets is overwhelming. Today, I deleted several images that I “thought” were not being used. I was wrong.

I even tried the magical “trick” of adding perc-managed=“true” to the html. Sure enough CM1 added a perc-linkid to the code and I thought I was golden! I was wrong again :frowning:

Any progress on this one?