Image Slide Show

I’m currently using the bxSlider and would like to have an image slideshow with hyperlinks. Is that possible???

Has no one done this before?

Hi Matt,
Are you looking to move away from bxSlider and use something else? Or do you need to modify your existing bxSlider?

I’m trying to use the bxSlider and when it’s just in static html it works great but when I put it inside Percussion it doesn’t work.

I would like to have it populated off of a Image Auto List but I need to have the capability to have a hyperlink on some images and I don’t think that the Image Auto List has that capability.

How are you triggering the bxSlider script on the content in the widget? And you are correct that the Auto-List does not provide hyperlink or texts.

Okay, so I went and added an HTML widget to the slider area. Each image that I have added to the slider area I have given it a class of slider-image. The wrapper for the slider is called Slider1. The javascript looks like this.

auto: true   
,speed: 500   
,pause: 10000   

Well I feel like an idiot. I went back to bxSlider’s website and just now noticed that they say to use a unordered list for the slider. Before the recent update I was able to use div’s. Sorry for all of the confusion. Thanks for everyone’s help.