Image Slideshows in Rhythmyx

I am new to Rhythmyx and need asistance with the best option for creating a image slideshow contet type, I have been playing around with fLash, Jquery (WoW Slider), etc. it appears to me that no solution I have seen is user editable and woudl reuire bcak end XML, Flash or other coding options? So my question is anyone using image slideshows on their site in Rhythmyx and how did you set it up so it is end user friendly?

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We have created a image gallery content type. Essentially there is a slot for images. So, to users of the system, all they do is create a new gallery and add images to the image slot in the gallery (and reorder as they want).

The template uses javascript (jquery and lightbox) to create a slideshow like effect. (Sample:

Thanks for the information and the link :-), I’ll take a look and keep it in mind. We have real estate issues, so to speak. We also have a “gallery” content type but the end users are looking for an actual slideshow option to go in the image area of this type of page I’m hoping someone has a reasonable solution.


You mean something like: with a rotating banner? Similar concept (using javascript) except in that case we use the jquery cycle plugin… That plugin has a lot of options and you can chose to show or hide “navigation”.

In any case, there is a slot that holds images to determine what shows up. We went through the javascript solution (as opposed to php) as we are trying to avoid server side scripting in our delivery tier.

Also the following webinar might help you get started:

Yes, similar to that banner. Thanks. Good info I appreciate it!

keep in mind that you should never create a new content type just to have a new form of output. You said that you have an Image Gallery content type already. You should continue to use this, and add a new template to it that generates a snippet with your preferred slideshow code built into it.

The end user will create the gallery just as before, but when they slot the gallery into the page, they’ll pick the slideshow option instead of the gallery option. This way, your system remains simple to maintain, and also is easy for them to use. Not only that, but if they want to use the same set of images as a gallery somewhere else, they can slot in the same content item with the gallery template and save work.

That’s a great suggestion thank you! I am still running inot code issues and getting the flash slideshwo to run at all :frowning: I’m clueless as to why it is not working.

Thanks for the help and suggestion,