Image Spacing Options

In my heart I feel my life would be more complete if the insert image box had left, right, top, bottom spacing options. I have worked with other CMS that have had that within the options so as to easily add them. I manually have to go to the code and add the spacing which is fine for me but my end users are not as proficient.

If this exists already in some capacity I am ready to be schooled! If not, can we add that functionality? Pretty please?

The Josh

It’s TinyMCE issues. They used inline css which is highly unacceptable. Here is the script that will work better:

// Rich Text Editor   
$('img').filter(function() {return $(this).css('float') == 'left'}).addClass("img-left");   
$('img').filter(function() {return $(this).css('float') == 'right'}).addClass("img-right");   

Where would that get added exactly?

You add it in your own .js file like script.js

Where does that get called then? Sorry, not really versed in customizing Percussion.