Importing Content Types from a different server

Since I was having some problems with MSM, I wondered if I could use the Export - Import features of the Workbench to move content types from one server to another. I was able to import a template just fine, but for content types, I discovered that I had to manually edit the file (e.g. “NavTree.contentType”) to make the workflow IDs on the two servers match. But I’m still getting the error “owners cannot have null entries (index=0)”. Does anybody know where that error comes from? If I correct it, can the content type be imported successfully, or will this strategy result in other problems even if it can?

I don’t know if this is related to your problem or not, but when you import a content type, the tables must already exist in the database.

I’ve done this successfully once the tables were created, but it may be that my servers were similar enough that remapping of other variables was not necessary.