Improve Design and Editing process through more descriptive tab names

A good practice while building out a site and subsequent editing in CM1 is to have multiple tabs open in a browser, say one for Dashboard, one for Editing, one for Design, etc. However, CM1 names the tab with generalized page titles such as “Web Management” or “Site Design” so if I have 3 tabs open for various templates I’m working on, I have to click on each of the “Site Design” tabs to find the template I need.

To improve the design workflow I suggest that the pages be titled something more specific based upon the template or page name being designed or edited.

Something like Design:[name of template] and Editor: [name of page] would really help the workflow.


You’ve provided us with some great real-world user feedback here and in your other topics. I can see how these small enhancements could really improve workflow efficiency. Thanks for sharing.

I agree. I typically have 3 tabs open at once when working on things and it can get confusing. Good idea!