Improve the Finder Details Name

See screenshot attach for Finder Details Name.

So I noticed two different inconsistents - one is truncate and other is not. I prefer page link texts not to be truncate at all. I loathe to resize the column every single time.

Here is the latest code that disable the truncate from perc_webmgt.packed.css:

#perc_finder_details_name {
    display: block;
    /* overflow: hidden; */
    /* text-overflow: ellipsis; */
    /* white-space: nowrap; */

Here’s the latest screenshot via web inspector.

Other issue - I am not able to upload the images in forum? See error message.

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for the informative post and great work on narrowing down the truncation settings. I will be submitting an improvement request based on your suggestions. As for your image upload issue, we will be investigating this and we will let you know what we find out.

Romario Mato
Customer Success Engineer

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There’s one more thing I forgot to mention earlier. Look at “Status” section, it’s the only div that have fixed width. Look at the first div with inline width:170px;

Some of the workflow is extremely long and it went past the column without either truncate or breaking the word to next line. I hope I make sense.

For some reason, the community software will not allow me to post this simple div code. So here’s the screenshot: