Improving Publishing Performance

I’m looking for any advice on how we can improve the speed of our publishing. Here is a little background info on our setup:

Rhythmyx 5.7
22 Communities
250+ Users
About 31,000 Content Items
About 25,000 Content Items in Public state

Also we have implemented something from Professional Services called a dispatcher. This will start an edition when an item is transitioned to the public state. Since our users come from a Dreamweaver environment they expect their pages to publish as soon as they are moved to public.

Here are a few of the changes we have made in the past to help publishing. In the quick edit state we added an additional transition that will move the item back to public without calling sys_TouchParents. We have also moved each of our communities to it’s own server in the publishing configuration(although they still all publish to the same physical server) in order for them to publish each community’s editions in a different thread.

I can provide more info about our implmentation if that is useful.

Any suggestions would be helpful.