Incremental content list publishes all

We have an Incremental list that should be getting the delta for a specific content type but instead publishes full content. (I run a full edition first, and then follow it with this Incremental, and they both publish the same list).

Can incremental content list work for one Content type (docs I’ve looked at only talk about root and nt:base)?


select rx:sys_contentid, rx:sys_folderid from rx:Article where rx:destination = 'public' and jcr:path like '//Sites/Inst-EN/%'

Type: Incremental
Template Expander: sys_ListTemplateExpander
template: NonHTMLDispatchTemplate

None of the templates have any auto slots.

Any ideas are welcome,
-Igor -

Yes, content list (incremental or full) can work for only one content type. Your syntax is correct: rx:ContentTypeName.

Your content list is set to incremental, and you have already run full publish first. So, here are some other reasons why an incremental list may publish everything:
a) template “active assembly format” property is set to “auto-index”
b) template “publish” property is set to “always”
c) one template’s “active assembly format” property is set to “auto-index”, and all of its parent pages will be republished because of touchparent.

None of the templates we have are using “active assembly format” = “auto-index”.

We are using sys_ListTemplateExpander and a reference to the dispatch template and none of the templates under the dispatch template are set to ‘always’.

It seems I’m still missing something. . . :confused:

What are the settings for the dispatch template? When you use dispatch templates, scenario a) and b) apply to the dispatch templates; the templates “under” should be set to never.

Dispatch template is set to Default, the rest for that content type templates are set to Never (except 2, which are set to Always).
From that perspective it should work.
Something else is offending it…:mad:

Hi Igor, Is your problem resolved. We are having the same issue - Incremental Publish publishes All content items

Could you share your resolution?

Thanks, Hua