inline image path customizing

I have a content type which publishes an xml file
The inline image url’s for the edit live field has this url when published out.
<img alt="" src="/content/web/images/dealersite-help/164441.jpg" />

but i have a business requirement to publish the url something like this
<img alt="" src="/dc/content/web/images/dealersite-help/164441.jpg" />

Note the “/dc/”

This change shouldn’t be applied across to all the inline images being used in different content types, i need only for one CT.

Any guidance is appreciated.


You could create a binary template for the image that would publish to the “/dc/…” location (Using a new context associated to your new binary template). The content type would need to reference your new binary template in order to obtain the desired publish location.

This is a quick stab at a solution. Other input or feedback?

Thank you Rileyw for the quick turn around. But i fixed it in velocity template using the replace funtion.
May be i should have been more specific…I didn’t want the images to be published to a different location, only the img url in the xml file needs to have “/dc/”.


No problem. I’m glad that you were able to achieve the desired result.