Inline link anchor tag

I am not able to show you what is needed when i type in this editor . Please open the attachment and see.


Hi Paddy,

The simplest way to do this is to create a snippet template and use inline templates instead of inline links. That way you can customise the code which is inserted. If you have a problem where EditLive is messing about with the code, you can modify your template so that in the preview context it is a simple link, but in the published context it has all your JSF code.

The way you do this depends on what version of Rhythmyx you’re using and whether it is a Velocity or XSL template.



Thank you Tim. I am using version 6.5.2 and Velocity Templates. I will give it a try and update the results.:slight_smile:


Hi tim,
I am not able to get the output. I have attached the output, please look at it and let me know what am i missing.

I have assigned the template to the Inline_Link_Slot. and created a new Locationscheme also in the publishing context.


I got it working. I have used the replaceAll function in my templated for the expected output.