Inline variant shows fine in ePhox but on preview it doesn't show

I’ve used the inline variant to insert an snippet template from one content item into the body of another content item. It shows fine in the ePhox content editor but when I preview the page, I can’t see the inline template, only the other text I’ve inseerted onto the page shows. When I go back to ePhox my inline template is still there. What could cause this behaviour?



What happens when you preview the Variant directly rather than inline?


When I preview the variant, it shows fine as well.

Do you have ‘Allow inline links’ checked in the control properties for the Ephox field?

Not sure, I haven’t had to do that in the past. When going through the implementation guide it doesn’t say anything about that either.

OK I figured out my issue. There was a couple of issues that were all the same, part of the issue I can’t really explain in here but it had to do with a stray DIV tag. The second issue has to do with having a table within my snippet template being used as the inline variant template. When the table code is inserted, the variant doesn’t work correctly, even if I wrap it with a DIV or SPAN tag, each one does something slightly different and very odd. At one time I was able to use Tables, now apparently we can’t.