Inserting custom tags in body of the Ephox EditLive control

I want to create a button on the EditLive control that will surround the highlighted text with

<strong> and </strong> tags 


Can I get an example of how to do it ?

I know how to create the button, I know how to call a custom javascript function. But what will be the code in the javascript ?

It should work just like the BOLD button on the ephox control - User highlights a piece of text and clicks on the ‘B’ button and the text gets enclosed in

<b> and </b>

Instead I want

<strong> and </strong>

Please advise.

This is probaly too late a reply for you, dshenoy, but in case anyone else has this same issue:

In the config file for EditLive, set localEmphasis=“true” in the htmlFilters. This automatically uses ‘strong’ instead of ‘b’ and ‘em’ instead of ‘i’ tags.

Sorry, quick correction… the appropriate attribute is logicalEmphasis=“true”, not localEmphasis… just a typo I’m sure.

Yep, my mistake. Thanks for the correction.