Install CMS

We purchased the CMS. and this moment we are working in the planning. But, We have some questions.

1.- We use in our system Red Hat 6.x. But in your technical document, you indicate that the CMS need to Red Hat 5.x.- Can you tell me if the CMS work with the Red Hat version that we have?

2.- The system team prefer doesn’t use the robocopy. They ask me, can CMS work with NFS?, Could be use the NFS and then show multiple volumen in the webserver?
7.- Does The DTS server work with MSSQL2008 R2?

3.- We need information about the database install. Which requeriments have the install?, Which config required the db?

4- Why we have that install standard linux red hat?. We would like do a minimal install and you send us the package list that CMS require for the install. This way, We optimize our resources with function that CMS need.-

Can you help us?

Hi Jose,

  1. While Percussion CMS may work with RedHat 6.x, we do not currently test against this version. We aim to have full support for RedHat 6.x by the end of 2014, but as of right now we only support 5.x.

  2. This is in regards to replicating your published files (HTML, CSS, etc.) across your web servers, is that correct? If so, because our CMS is decoupled from your web server, we impose no limitations on how you choose to move your site’s files between servers once published. Moving these published files using NFS would work fine.

  3. Yes it does. Here are our instructions to point the DTS web server to a external SQL database (which includes MSSQL 2008 R2):…

  4. Our system requirements page lists our system requirements:…. In addition, our installation instructions outline how to create the SQL database for use with our CMS:…

  5. We do not currently have a complete list of required dependencies for all Linux distributions. We only test on standard installations of the supported OS versions.

Let me know if you have any further questions, of if I can clarify any of this.

HI. I need your help.

In this moment We are install the SQLserver cluster. My system team ask me, which are the volume sizes?

I need you answer as soon as possible

I have another question. We need two database, a for CMS standard and other for DTS or something (dynamic data). Do have two database the same use or same traffic? how are it work?

Hi Jose,

For SQL Server, we recommend having at least 25GB available to the machine, but this can vary depending on the size and amount of content you’ll be managing in the CMS.

For the DTS, most customers connect to an entirely separate database server that’s meant for public facing web applications, while ensuring that their internal network applications (such as Percussion CMS) are writing to an internal database.

That said, if you wanted to, you certainly could have DTS and the CMS connecting to two separate databases within the same database server, as long as there are no firewall rules in the way of either application.

The database connections need database\instance or only instace?

Hi Jose,

The CMS and DTS databases don’t need to be on unique instances or servers. Some customers separate them for security reasons, but there’s no reason you can’t have the CMS and DTS using two databases on the same SQL Server instance on the same server. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding your question.

Nathaniel…one more. How many are transaction on database the DTS? more o less CM1?

we need to estimate the transaction from CMS to Database (DTS and CM1).

Hi Jose,

The CMS typically will be handling far more database transactions than the DTS. The CMS executes a large amount of transactions during normal day-to-day usage, and especially during full site publishes. The DTS’s communication with its database varies based on how many of our dynamic widgets you use on your live site, and similar to the CMS, will see a particularly high amount of transactions during publishes.

Thank you.

No problem, Jose!