installing old versions of the toolkit in 6.5


I’d like to use the PSOThumbnailGenerator exit in Rhythmyx 6.5 but noticed that it isn’t included in the 6 toolkit. Is it no longer available? Is there now a new way of doing this in 6.5? Is there a way of installing old version of the toolkit in 6.5?



Yes, the 5.5 toolkit still works with Rhythmyx 6.x. Some extensions don’t necessarily make sense any more, but I’ve successfully installed both toolkits at the same time.

If this is a new install, not an upgrade (where you had the 5.5 toolkit installed before the upgrade), you’ll want a build of the 5.5 toolkit with the (6.x style) deploy script. I’ll dig one of these up and send it to you via email.