Instant publishing for image vs PDF issue

Jan Doe created a new page, added contents in there. 
Jan Doe uploaded approved image asset (JPG) and placed it in the page.
Jan Doe published it right away and it worked.
Jan Doe is satisfied.

Jan Doe created a new page, added contents in there. 
Jan Doe uploaded approved file asset (PDF) and linked it in the page.
Jan Doe published it right away and it worked except broken link for PDF.
Jan Doe is not satisfied at all.

Why? I am trying to understand why CM1 doesn’t publish PDF right away, unlike images.

Sometimes my images do a quick publish, but then sometimes they are not found in the drop down - for the quick publish. Same with scripts. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Hello Aaron,

Are both of these examples using Rich Text widgets?  I believe what you are seeing has more to do with images placed in a page vs links.  I think you would see the same behavior in your PDF example if you were linking to an Image asset instead of a File (PDF) asset.

Images placed in a page will get published when publishing that page, regardless if they were published previously.  

Assets linked in a page will not get published along with a page - they must be approved and published before they are pushed to the web server.

I believe the difference here is that including an image in a page is more about designing a page, while creating a link to an asset or page can require more control for who can approve and publish linked items.  

Please let me know if this helps?


Hello Debbie,

Which drop down are you referring to?  Maybe a  screen shot would help?


Sorry, I should have said the screen that displays what is in queue for Incremental Publish, one I select that type of publish.  

Hello Debbie,

Items in Incremental publish are Pages or Assets that have been approved, but not published.  This will not include items in web_resources.  Without seeing some specific examples, or maybe having steps to reproduce, it is difficult to say what is causing the behavior you are seeing.  If this is happening now, or happens again, I would check the status of the Page or Asset to see if it is “Pending,” then see if it is in your Incremental Publishing queue?


I’ve noticed that images that are .pngs, are able to be seen in the Incremental and publish quickly, but other image types, no. But sometimes, my script for the main banner, allows me to do an incremental publish, but sometimes not.  In each of these instances, I have approved them prior to going to the publish screen.  But I’ve never been able to increment publish file types:  .doc, .xls, pdf or .ppt.

Hi Keith

Here is the video. Yes, both are used on RTE (Rich Text Editor) widget. What’s concerning is that the link is still “hyperlinked” even the PDF isn’t published. 

Here’s the video attached:

So if a direct link to the image is used - as we do in HTML - it goes live quickly. But if it is linked using the  rich text managed link (by finding it through the tree-directory structure) - it does not go live quickly and takes the long publish?

What if I just upload the image > publish it and then link to it — will it be published via incremental?