Internal request call exception during polling aging action

We’re on version 7.3.0 and we’re seeing the following error in our logs when the polling aging action fires off:

2017-08-29 18:02:43,192 ERROR [PSWorkflowCommandHandler] Internal request call exception
com.percussion.error.PSErrorException: An error occurred while pre-processing the request submitted by the host (-not available-). Java/global/percussion/workflow/sys_wfAuthenticateUser;   (error code 1,108)

Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!

Hi Cade

This is a known logging issue that occurs even after an item gets checked in by an admin user, when another non-admin user checks out the same item, the system thinks that the item is still checked-out by the admin user and logs the error message. This is just an issue in log handling and has no effect on any item processing.   Please let us know for any further clarification.