Intersoft CMS Support Portal - Release Updates

Customers with current Support and Maintenance agreements can create private support tickets using the Intersoft Percussion CMS Support portal at This topic is for feature / updates to the portal itself.

If you had trouble resetting your portal account prior to the7/31/2023 portal update, you should try the Forgot Password function again to set a password for your account.

Support Portal - Change History


  • Corrected an issue where a Closed ticket wouldn’t transition to Open state when customer responded after the ticket was closed.
  • Completed 508 / Accessibility updates for all screens.
  • Agent Dashboard has been updated to not include closed tickets by default after updating a ticket.
  • Corrected a network issue that was causing some corporate networks to block the Forgot Password and Change Password screens due to a nonstandard backend https port. All portal ports should now be standard https/443.


  • Ticket notification emails now include a link back to the support ticket.
  • Tickets generated from email will now include the entire email cc list on the ticket cc list
  • Added the ability to merge two tickets into one ticket


  • Corrected a tab order issue on the add/edit user screen
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing file attachments with .SQL or .xml files from being added to a ticket.
  • Ticket URLs now include the ticket id to allow for bookmarking individual tickets
  • If a registered user completes the New User form, they will now be redirected to the Forgot Password screen.
  • Added support for adding Code Blocks to the Rich Text editor
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing multiple file attachments from being added to a single ticket comment.
  • Improved the Dashboard view for customers to show any non-closed tickets by default.
  • Added the ability to remove a file attachment from a ticket.
  • Improved the messaging on validation errors for required fields on the new ticket form.


  • Fixed the error message when a de-activated user attempts to reset their password
  • Decreased the delay between ticket updates and outbound email notification
  • Added a statistics graph to the Agent dashboard
  • Ticket comment dates and times will now be shown in the user’s time zone instead of UTC time.
  • Fix an issue that was prevent an inactive user from being re-activated.
  • Default ticket filter change to “My Tickets” in Ticket Details page
  • Fixed the telephone number in the chat bot AI knowledgebase, to +1-443-535-1889
  • Ticket Dashboard now supports pagination
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the Dashboard would drop all filters and return all tickets
  • Tickets will now auto-update to Open from Pending if customer has not responded in 3 business days.
  • Added the ability to copy User Name, and Email to clipboard from user list


  • Primary Contact and Organization may be changed on tickets by Agents
  • Captcha removed from Forgot Password form as it was incorrectly blocking some users.
  • Email notifications may now be silenced when Agents perform ticket updates.
  • Comment formatting was improved to allow for rich text format in ticket responses
  • Session timeout was shortened and timeout will return user to the login screen
  • Dashboard sort order now defaults to last modified first
  • Add the ability to CC emails for people who are not registered portal users
  • Allowed file types list expanded to allow more file types
  • Support for adding inline images added to the comment editor


  • Initial release