Is it possible to populate a column with asmhelper.assemble

I would like to take a content item and populate a column in a database template using a slot call. I tried the solution below but get the following error:

Problem when evaluating expression "$rx.asmhelper.assemble($sys.item,xxxColumnFormatter,"template=xxxSnippetModelYearReviewAsHtmll").String;
for variable "$row.BodyAsHtml": null

$row.BodyAsHtml = $rx.asmhelper.assemble($sys.item,xxxColumnFormatter,"template=xxxSnippetModelYearReviewAsHtmll&max_rsults=1")

Any ideas on how this could work?

The following code will allow you to assemble the current assembly item using an alternate template into a database column using the databaseAssembler. This example requires that you have the PSOToolkit installed.

Represents the body of the binding dialog:

$asmItem = $sys.assemblyItem.clone();