Is the Analytics tracking tag working for anyone?

I was told that the Analytics tracking tag that is in CM1 requires a certain build and that when we get to that build, the tags will be working.
We have passed that build (we are at Version 5.3.15 Build 201608P05 (378) [5315_20180621]), but still, after adding all the proper parameters, Google does not see any of those files.
Is anyone able to track them in Google Analytics?

Thank you.

Hi Raef,

I’m assuming that you are talking about the Google Analytics tag?

There was a change to how the Analytics tags are wired into the Templates in a recent patch. This was made to intentionally give Template developers more control over the Analytic tags that are used on Pages and Templates. The Google Analytics gadget does not force the analytics tags into Pages any longer if it is configured.

Each Template needs your Analytics tag, or Tag Manager tag added to the Before Body close or Additional Head Content in Template metadata. There is more info here:



Thank you, Nate, for the quick reply.
Are you saying the Analytics tracking tag field is now obsolete?
We have our GA tag on each page, but no way to track downloads, and it was my understanding that this relatively new field in Percussion was the solution. Just by adding UTM parameters, this would do the trick and we’d be able to see the downloads as pages in GA.
Is that now not the case anymore? Is that field now useless?


I think you are talking about the click tracking tag on the File Asset. That will inject whatever you put into the widget. There were a couple of early bugs with that feature but to my knowledge it is fully functional at this time.

What may be happening is that with the Patch update, the main Google Analytics script for Templates is no longer Auto Injected by the Google Setup Gadget. So if you don’t have your main Analytics code snippet added to the templates, then the Analytics tracking link may not being picked up as it relies on the main Analytics tag being in place.

If you have an example Page we can check that out for you.


Hi Nate,

The GA snippet is on all templates.
I was asking about the file asset one indeed. So far, even after putting utm parameters, I am still unable to see it in GA.
That being said, we might have an older build (Version 5.3.15 Build 201608P05 (378) [5315_20180621]) where this feature did not work properly. Can you confirm that this field will allow us to track file downloads and that the build we have is the culprit and that we need to get to the July build to be able to track those?

The File Widget should be working on that patch version. I see there is a support ticket on this as well, I’ll move the discussion there and update here once we have a handle on the problem.