Is there a log of all the work that is done in CM1?

I am experiencing slowness for blog posts and publishing in CM1, and we are trying to figure out what was worked on that might have caused that issue. Is there a log file that shows all that was worked on in CM1?
Thank you.

Basically, trying to find an activity log. 

Good Evening Raef 

I am going to submit a support ticket on your behalf and someone from our team will reach out to you to assist. 

Thank you

Thank you very much, Brendan.

We are still working through a support ticket, but I thought others might find this information helpful as well:

There isn’t exactly an audit log of user activity in CM1, but there are some ways to view updates, etc. in the CMS.

  1. You can use the Pages by Status and Assets by Status Gadgets on the Dashboard to see which users have modified which assets, pages, and documents.

  2. You can view who has deleted pages and some other activities in the CM1 server.log. This needs to be provided by an administrator who has access to the CM1 server. The ability to view deleted assets in the log file will be added in release 5.4.

  3. You can view individual item history by opening any page/asset and click ‘View --> Revisions.’

Hope this information is helpful.