Is there a simple way to assign nav_slot output to variable(s)?

I would like something that I can put in with logic:

I’d like the results from this

#node_slot($parentNode “ciPageSequenceSlot” “” “” “” “”)

so I can put in an if statement:

#if($resultsAboveFromNodeSlot == $myTestVal)
do something

Is there a simple way to do this? The #node_slot output is a url that I compare to a url.

Thanks in advance.

OK, I was able to get results, just had wrong combination of quotes etc.

#set($parentSequenceUrl = “#node_slot($parentNode ‘ciPageSequenceSlot’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’)”)

However, I’d still like to know how to get individual items out of that #node_slot in the same manner as I get things from #init_slot - in the simplest, lowest level way…

Funny - searching this AGAIN for something else, and came upon my own unanswered query. Anyone?

I would help, but I haven’t used node_slot before and since your question was specific to that macro, I was hoping that someone with more experience would answer… what exactly are you trying to do / what do want to happen?