Issue - CM1 Version 5.2.1 B

We had some designs created with widgets on the right and a column of widgets on the left. 

When we did our update today, and ended at 5:00 p.m. we ran the publishing and all was fine.

However, any pages where the designs are two columns (i.e. Rich Text or HTML widget to the right and a column of same to the left)  – the right side is pushed below the left side.

I have tried lessening the width of the right, and it’s not working. 

One note - IN the system, everything looks perfect. It’s live, it does not.

What can I do to fix this problem?

It is rather important.



This is most likely related to the perc_decoration.css change (it is no longer published).  

Copying one or all of the classes listed in this post into your theme css or main css file should fix the issue.


Thank you ~

I saw that, but was not sure if it was the same issue.

I’ll try this now.

NOTE: It fixed it ~ thank you.


Glad that worked.  Sorry about the inconvenience, we didn’t realize that customers could be relying on those styles when we fixed the bug and pulled it from the publish.  Have a good weekend!