Issue with Dynamic Widgets in Safari / Chrome

We are tracking a breaking issue related to a recent web browser update for a W3C specification change that is impacting several of the dynamic widgets in CM1.  Apparently, the Firefox team rolled back the change as it caused to many websites and extensions to break, IE appears unaffected, but Chrome and Safari teams haven’t rolled it back.   

The following widgets are affected:

  • Calendar
  • Metadata
  • Autolists
  • Form
  • Comment
  • Polls
  • RSS

We will post links to an updated perc-common-ui.js script for the current version and patch level of CM1 as soon as it is available for on-premise customers.   The updated script will be auto deployed to SaaS customers.

If you are on a prior version of CM1 and are seeing issues in Chrome related to these widgets but not in Firefox or IE, please create a support ticket and we will get an updated script created for your version of the product.  


To work around the problem, customer’s running 5.3.15 or greater can download the updated minified perc-common-ui.js script from here:

Replace the existing script on your CM1 installation:

 /web_resources/cm/common/js/perc_common_ui.js with this file.

After replacing this file, publishing a single page or asset should re-deploy the script to your web server and resolve the issue. You may need to clear browser cache to get the updated version of the script.