Item Field Validator


I have a requirement to perform validation on a field of a content item when it is created. If the item fails validation (for example value entered by user is invalid), I need to display a warning message. However, user should be still allowed to continue to save/Insert if they choose to override the warning.

I wrote a Item Field validator by implementing IPSFieldValidator.
However, the processUdf method gives me a choice to either return TRUE or FALSE. If the value entered by user is INVALID, now if I return FALSE it does displays the Error message, but doesnot lets the user save it.

On the other hand, if I return TRUE, it wont display the error message.

Is there any other type of extension I can write which would simply display the INVALID message but still allow user to continue if they choose to?


That is not possible from the server side, you have to do some thing on the client side using custom control. Show a javascript confirm box with yes, no cancel buttons with appropriate validation message.