Java 7 + Mac + Ephox Window View Issues

Not sure if anyone else has had issues with Mac (Mountain Lion - 10.8) and Java 7, but the peculiar one that gets us is one of Ephox Editlive’s “Window View”. So the scenario is:
User has Mountain Lion and Java 7 installed. When the user goes to edit something in the “Window view” / pop out of Ephox, most of the time, they cannot do anything (it appears as though it is an inline template where the text cannot be altered and there is no “blinking line cursor”). They can highlight pieces of text and the paragraph (triple click) but cannot edit anything (font sizes and styles can be changed and other ephox buttons appear functional, but the text cannot be modified via the keyboard). The same problem appears in the ephox demo site (

The temporary work around: When in window view: Help > “About EditLive!”. Close “About window”. Viola… it works!

This seems to be some sort of focus issue on the pop out window with Edit Live (Selecting "Java Applet - > “About…” also seems to get the “Focus” back into the window view). Grrrrrr…

As it appears to be an EditLive + Java 7 + Mac issue, I don’t think Percussion can do anything (but I will file a ticket). Any other suggestions / problems people have experience with Java 7 + Mac + Rhythmyx would be welcome (and helpful to know)…

Verified problem in Firefox 17 and Safari 6 on Mac OS X Lion running Java 7.

Other issues encountered (
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Going to start compiling java console logs from clients. May help Ephox or Percussion applet developers.