java.lang.NumberFormatException error


I’m getting this error:

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "undefined"

when trying to paste this HTML into a rich text widget:

<header> <br> <h1>International flights</h1> <br> </header>

Paragraph content here.

<nav class="next-prev"> <br><br> <hr> <br><br> <a class="next domestic-flights" href="#domestic-flights">Next</a> <br> </nav>   

Not sure what is happening in the markup to cause this error and BTW, I don’t get the error when using a straight HTML widget (although I’d like to use a RT widget).


Hi Dan,

This error is most likely being caused by your inclusion of the HTML 5 tags and in your code. Can you tell me what version of CM1 you are running? More robust support for HTML 5 tags within the Rich Text widget will be delivered in our next major release, CM1 3.0 (which we plan to make public early next week), including support for and tags. I have actually just tested your code using our latest internal build of 3.0, and the tags didn’t cause errors, nor were they stripped / replaced.

A full list of the HTML 5 tags that will be supported (some already are) can be found here:…

Ah, ok.

I’m on 2.11.


Dan, that makes sense. I didn’t have a 2.11 environment that I could quickly spin up to test this, but I recalled encountering this type of error message in a recent release (2.13 simply replaces these HTML 5 tags, rather than throw the error message you’re seeing).