Javadoc updated


I’ve published the 7.3.0 and 7.2.0 java doc.


I’m attempting to implement a new scheduled task as a Java extension. In rxservices.jar, I see a package called, which seems to include an implementation of IPSTaskResult, called PSTaskResult. Is this part of the public API? There is nothing in the Javadoc for 7.3 about this package at all. I also see a number of classes in which are also not part of the JavaDoc, yet look potentially interesting - PSTaskAdapter? PSScheduleUtils? Is there documentation available on these classes?


A good example of a scheduled task can be found here:

I don’t think PSTaskResult is included in the public JavaDoc , just the interface. Here is the doc on the constructor.

* Constructor with all necessary info of a finished job. Note, the following
* will be added to the context variables: <TABLE BORDER=“1”>
* <TR>
* <TH>Variable Name</TH>
* <TH>Description</TH>
* </TR>
* <TR>
* <TD>$sys.completed</TD>
* <TD>It is true if the job execution was completed; otherwise false.</TD>
* </TR>
* <TR>
* <TD>$sys.problemDesc</TD>
* <TD>The problem description in case of execution failure.</TD>
* </TR>
* </TABLE>
* @param wasCompleted it is <code>true</code> of the job execution was
* completed; otherwise it is <code>false</code>.
* @param problemDesc the problem description of the finished job. It may be
* <code>null</code> or empty of the job was successful; otherwise it may
* not be <code>null</code> or empty.
* @param variables the additional information of the finished job. It may be
* <code>null</code> if there is no additional info.
public PSTaskResult(boolean wasCompleted, String problemDesc,
Map<String, Object> variables)

I will log an enhancement request to include these in the generated Java Doc. Occasional when Engineering doesn’t publish the JavaDoc for a class, it will either be intentional as an implementation class is internal, or simply because a package was missed in JavaDoc generation.


Thanks for the example code and for following up on the documentation build.

I have looked at the example code, and I see the following imports of classes that don’t appear in the Javadoc. Is it safe to assume that these are part of the public API?