JavaScript error -- Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'action' of undefined

Getting this error in page template! Any ideas!

Hey Paul,

Is this error popping up in a window while working with the template in the UI, or is it simply being logged to the console (and you’re seeing it in your browser’s Dev tools)? Do you have JavaScript powered features on your template that are not functioning, or is the only symptom of the issue that you can see this error?

A first debugging step may be to comment out any JavaScript references contained within your Content > Actions > Edit-metadata > Additional Head Code area (or if you have scripts in an HTML widget, try commenting those out as well). Once you’ve eliminated the error, remove the comments on a one-by-one basis, with the goal of isolating which of your scripts is causing this conflict.

I removed all code and now have a blank page with five empty elements. Still showing error.


Is this error only appearing in the yellow triangle warning menu in the middle toolbar of the template? I’ve noticed that these errors sometimes don’t disappear immediately after remedying them. If the warning isn’t causing noticeable issues on your page as it appears in Preview, you should be safe to ignore these warnings.