JSR-170 - are subqueries allowed?

I’d like to make a JSR-170 query that excludes the results of a subquery. Is this sort of thing allowed and if so what’s the basic syntax?

There’s not a lot of info out there in the Googleverse on this topic.

No, the JSR Query language does not appear to support subqueries. Even if it did, our implementation does not go that deep. If you need subqueries, you’ll probably have to use raw SQL rather than a JSR Query.

Thanks… I kinda thought that was the case.

Can I only do SQL in an old-style assembler application (Auto Index or other)? We have been trying to move away from doing those any more.

There is also the PSOSQLContentFinder in the PSO Toolkit. It allows you to specify a SQL Query and a list of parameters to that query.

The old style XML Query application approach will still work, but using the PSO Toolkit is faster and easier.


Thanks you sir… I shall try that.