Keyboard Shortcuts and/or Right Click Menu

I don’t know about everyone else but I was wanting to make a suggestion for furture releases.

I would like to see the ability to use keyboard shortcuts for at least the main navigation from “Dashboard”, “Navigation”, etc. It would make switching between windows a lot quicker. If keyboard shortcuts couldn’t be done, do you think we could possibly get a right click menu that has the ability for quick switching along with any other features that could be added.

Thanks for sharing, Matt. I’m in favor of any ideas that speed up and streamline the user interface.

Keyboard shortcuts, or really, “keyboard only” fast navigation through the UI, is definitely part of the future for the interface. I can’t say precisely when, but we’ve already done some planning on this. We’re looking at both accessibility and mobile access techniques here.

Right click is not likely. Right click in a browser/RIA app just doesn’t work well (it tends to compete with the native Browser right click menu) and also, we want to get the UI working inside tablets/touchscreens and other mobile devices as well where other gestures dominate.