Known bugs list

A list of known bugs would be extremely useful. It would save us spending hours of struggling with something, only to read posts such as this:



There is nothing worse than spending hours troubleshooting a particular problem only to find out it is a known bug. Known to who, I might add, as these ‘known’ bugs are not put on this forum, so while Percussion staff might be aware of the bugs, those of us in the big wide world are not, until we either call Tech Support or post the issue here.

Please put the list of known bugs on the forum as looking at a list could save hours of pointless testing etc.

I am not even sure that all Percussion staff are aware of the current bugs…

But I do totally agree, this should be ‘public’ knowledge, e.g. available on this forum. It would save a lot of frustration! Rhythmyx can quite easily become a swear word…

Check out the Product Defects forum.

We’re alpha testing the Product Defects forum. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet.

The Known Issues Forum is now live.