Label changes of System fields to be displayed in Customized Search

This was orginally reported in TAR2994

Original TAR details
Using the Rhythmyx Work Bench, in section Content Design>Content Types Global Configuration.

I changed the label for the field sys_contentstartdate from “Start Date” to “Post Date”.

I then restarted Rhythmyx, and then a Customized Search, the sys_contentstartdate still had a label of Start Date.

The response from tech support was “Unfortunately, search fields’ label are not customizable or configurable”.

Will this be implemented as Patch fix or feature in the next version of Rhythmyx?

We had no immediate plans to change this, but we are looking at search and particularly the search usability (including saved searches) for the road map. It could be something we tackle later this year, pending prioritization with overall customer demand.