Landing Page assigned but no nav:url

I’m trying to get managed navigation working on a new site built using Rx 6.5.2.

I’ve created the nav templates, created a new shared snippet template, added that snippet to the allowed content types/templates for the nav_landing_page slot, checked that the snippets/content types concerned are visible in right communities etc and linked a landing page to a navon in the content explorer.

When I preview the navigation, the link is just “http://localserver:9994/Rhythmyx/assembler/”.

If I check the nav:landingPage property, my landing page node is returned and that all seems fine but the nav:url property is empty.

In the console log, I see this error:

Problem while generating a publishing location for variant 582 and contentid 6368 The value of default for param at ‘sys_folderid’ is not a numeric value.

I presume this is just because the navigation link is missing but thought I better mention the error just in case.

I have no idea if it’s relevant to the problem but we recently upgraded this customer’s Rhythmyx installation from 5.6 to 6.5.2 and the site I’m working on is an additional new site to the original 5.6 site. The new site does use a couple of content types that were originally built in 5.6. Also, the nav_landing_page slot also has some of the legacy 5.6 snippets in the allowed content. I’m sure it’s more likely that the problem is related to something I’ve forgotten to do but I can’t think what.

Can anyone give me a clue as to what the problem may be?
Thanks in advance.

A bug with the same symptom has already been reported (RX-12926), and this has been fixed and included in a patch for 6.5.2.

If you do not have any patches installed, you should contact Percussion Technical Support to obtain the latest patch for 6.5.2 to see if this resolves your issue.

Thanks for your reply :). I’ll give that a try.