LDAP Connection Issues


I’ve read all of the previous questions on LDAP, but I’m still unable to get the LDAP working for Importing Directory Users.

I’m not quite clear on what parameters I should be using for the ldap script. Could someone shed more light on the necessary parameters? Also, I’m not really able to troubleshoot as I don’t think this is generating any descriptive errors. Here’s what I have so far:



Do I need to put a password in here? If so, would it be for an account that has access to search through LDAP? Where do I indicate the username for which the password should belong or do I need a username?

What should go in the Object Attribute Name, Email Attribute Name, and Organizational Unit?

The only error that I see in the Logs indicates that it’s unable to connect, but I’m not sure if that’s because LDAP traffic is being blocked (checking on that with the server techs), or if it’s because I just don’t have the right info in here. I’ve been working with the LDAP guys on this, but regardless of what I put in the fields, I’m still not able to connect.

Please help as I’m not able to assign any workflows to anyone as we will be using LDAP for user authentication.


Uh oh…I tried to paste the XML code for my LDAP connection, but it seems as though it got rendered…lol.

Here’s a screen shot: