LDAP Groups

Customers with a large number of LDAP Groups should apply Rhythmyx patch rxPatch652_RX-12995_200710R01.zip. This patch adds the ability to filter groups by including a “?filter” in the DN. For example, suppose you have a number of CN values, such as “rx_author”, rx_editor" and “rx_admin”. You would define the DN as


Note that the filter can optionally be enclosed in parentheses:


Note: The addition of this filter requires that any other “?” characters in your all of your DNs (regardless of whether you are using filters in those DNs) must be escaped using standard URL encoding syntax; in other words, replace the “?” character with “%3f”. For example, suppose you currently have the following DN defined:


Revise this DN to


If you used the example filter above, the DN would be:


You only need to apply the patch if you have a large number of groups AND this is causing a performance problem.
Note: the filter is a standard LDAP filter