LDAP Login Module

I was looking into some config files on Rhythmyx server6.6
One of the LoginModule, that I saw was:

Is this a LDAP login module? I could not find any javadoc documentation on this class? Also is this the only login module for LDAP that comes from Percussion or there are any other implementations of LDAP specific login module we can use?


Is it correct to say that for Active Directory integration, the LDAPLoginModule that we would need to configure is the one that comes from JBoss, and there is nothing specific module from Percussion for LDAP integration?

Also I assume if we were to simply use the rx.activedir.policy application-policy in our security, it should take care of LDAP login module without needing us to write our own login module for LDAP. Is this also a correct statement?


The LDAP integration methods are documented. The configuration UI is in the Server Admin Tool. I’m relatively sure that it supports ActiveDirectory OOB, but it’s been a while since I looked at that documentation. Maybe you should consult Rhythmyx_Administration_Manual_Version_6_7.pdf, page 87.

If you want to write a custom login module, you can. It follows the rules of a standard JBoss login module (which are well documented), and it needs to ultimately yield a list of JBoss roles which will become the Rhythmyx roles.

Good luck.