LINK and PICTURE questions


I met some questions during develop our site, hope I can find some help here.

  1. I am trying to use HTML widget, when I need to create a link to certain page, what is the internal/relevant address I should use? Before our site goes alive, is there a way to figure out what the address is of a page?

  2. When I am using Rich text widget, I can’t chose a picture from current Asset. And if I am an end user, how can I add image into Rich Text widget if I have the image on my computer? When I create template, I upload image to the server, and use the image address form the server, but I guess it shouldn’t be an option for all other users beside admin.

  3. Again the Rich Text Widget. Once I enter a paragraph break, it will automatically create a space mark in html mode, but the page shows six question marks instead of a space. What’s the problem?

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

  1. The link to a page can be found by looking in the Finder when you have selected that page. There is a “address bar” that will show up something like this when you select a page:


That means the page’s URL will be

Note that for Section Landing Pages, the page name will be “index” and you can leave that off the URL. For example:


Certain Assets also get URLs, such as images and pdfs and flash files. Their URL will be:


the NAME field is field you use for both Pages and Assets to control the URL, along with with Section or Folder you place the page or asset.

  1. To select an image to add as inline, use the browse image function to select images from the Asset library. However, you must FIRST upload the image into the Asset library before you can add it inline to Rich Text. (You do not need to first upload image to add it directly to an Image Widget.)

  2. Direct that sample to tech support (use to get more details, but generally, odd characters are due to settings in the browser, such as what language character set to use. Sometimes, space characters show up as Question Marks if a certain character set is used. However, the Rich Text editor does not automatically add space characters. What’s the exact HTML escape sequence you are seeing when you’re in HTML mode in the editor?

Hi thanks for your first answer.

For adding image into Rich Text Widget problem. I can’t find any button or function letting me select an image from asset… There is only adding image through URL.

Here is a picture of what it shows on my side.


As Vern mentioned, there is a “browse image button” built in to this dialog. It is placed on the right hand side of the Image URL text box. (If you bring your mouse over that area, you should see your mouse changes to a hand pointer.) One of the reasons why you are not seeing the icon could be the browser you are using. I will get in touch with our support team to look into that problem but in the mean time, you should be able to click on the icon (that you don’t currently see).


Yes, as you said, I found that area is click-able. But I just can’t see the button for some reason.

The button is missing. It’s a bug, and has been fixed in the next release - which is out soon. The area is still clickable and nothing else is wrong with the link due to the missing button (it’s really just a missing image file).