Link back feature in 6.7

I am looking to demo the ‘link back’ feature in version 6.7 tomorrow to a group of colleagues. I can’t find any mention in the documentation on how to implement it.

The feature is described in this post as something that “enables a bookmarklet to link users from any published pages (if desired) directly to the Active Assembly UI for that corresponding item (based on item metadata optionally included in pages)”

Has anyone implemented this?

This documented (at least partly) in the Rhythmyx Implementation Guide.

First, you must go to the workbench and add the #linkback_head macro to your global template and to any pages that publish without a global template.

Re-publish (so that the pages are placed on the web server).

Visit the Linkback Help page on your server:


This page contains the JavaScript bookmarklets that you can drag and drop onto the toolbar in your browser.


In the Version 6.7 Implementation Guide, see “Adding Linkback”, p. 183 and “Adding Linkback to a Page Template”, p. 187.


Thanks for the help, everyone. I can see that I should have been doing a search on ‘linkback’ instead of ‘link back’.