Locating all content items of a specific content type

In Content Explorer, I can search for a specific content type, and get a list of all content items.

How do I choose one from search results and find the location (in directory structure) of that one? I need to find the folder so I can go there.

Thanks for any help.

Define a new Display Format in Workbench > UI Elements Design > Content Explorer > Display Formats.

Easiest thing to do is to just copy the Default Display Format and call the new one something useful like “With Folder Path.” Then add a column to that Display Format that displays the Folder Path (sys_folderid).

Now, when you do your search, choose your new Display Format when you specify the search criteria.

Select your item in Search Results. Right click and choose “Audit Trail.” From the relationship type drop down, choose “Folder parent.” The folder structure will be in reverse order in the bottom panel.